National Museum "Constantin Brâncuși"

National Museum "Constantin Brâncuși"

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Strada Victoriei 2, Târgu Jiu, Romania


The National Museum "Constantin Brâncuși" is located in the "Barbu Gănescu" House, a building where Constantin Brâncuși was hosted, during the period in which he executed and coordinated the works at the "Calea Eroilor" Monumental Ensemble in Târgu Jiu (1937-1938).

In 1948, the building was requisitioned by the Ministry of Health to establish a Dispensary for Pediatrics. In 2017, through a county council decision, the building was transferred from the administration of the Gorj County Council to the administration of the Ministry of Culture, to be the headquarters of the National Museum Constantin Brâncuși”, and in 2020, by Government Decision, the building was transferred to the administration of the National Museum "Constantin Brâncuși

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